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Quill + Quartz
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Quill + Quartz

Perthro Talisman // Aquamarine

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A beautifully calming crystal, Aquamarine was described in antiquity as “a thousand leagues of sunlit sea imprisoned in a cup”. Aquamarine is a stone of courage, helping to filter out fear and stress from your body. Wear it to help you work through any self-defeating patterns, allowing your soul purpose to be heard. It can give you the courage to truly look in the mirror and see where you need accountability, and also to help you release any judgemental tendencies. Encouraging responsibility for the Self, it is useful in finding closure and assists in greater self expression.


Length: 20 inches

Material: Aquamarine gemstone set in Brass on a 14k gold-filled necklace

Handmade in Toronto


Note: Brass naturally patinas, in order to keep it in pristine condition, it is best to avoid wearing it in water, and best to limit heavy skin contact with lotions or body oils. I've added a polishing cloth so you can keep all of your silver and brass jewelry treasured for ages.