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Quill + Quartz

Double Terminated Amethyst Wand

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 Amethyst is a beautiful crystal to work with. It has a peaceful energy which is great for creating stillness in the mind and quieting the everyday noise. It is also great for bringing calm and releasing stress from our body and mind. It has long been associated as helping with addictions, as it relieves the compulsion that often underlies addictive behaviour. It has also long been used as a stone of protection, defending the wearer against negative energies or psychic attack. Let it restore your peace by relieving you of anxiety, negativity, and anger. It is also good to use in grief work. As it helps you connect with your higher consciousness, you can use it in meditation and with spirit work.

If you prefer to work with the vibration of colour, purple is known for connecting to higher energies. This colour of crystal is associated with spiritual awakenings, as well as connecting you to your soul purpose. This cool colour is also known to bring balance to overheated energies.


Please Note: As these are natural crystals, they may have minor cracks or other imperfections. Like us, each crystal is one of a kind.