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Quill + Quartz

Kali Necklace // Moldavite

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There is often a lot of fear associated with the strong vibrations of the cosmic glass, Moldavite. If you fear change and destruction in your life, this may not be a crystal for you. Moldavite will help clear out anything that doesn't belong in your life and will help to push you way beyond your limits and into contact with your highest self. Leaving your comfort zone is always uncomfortable, but Moldavite wants to accelerate your spiritual growth and help you learn what you need in the present to create your most positive future. Are you ready to take the Moldavite fast forward?


Length: 18 inches

Material: Moldavite gemstone set in Brass on a 14k gold-filled necklace

Handmade in Toronto


Note: Brass naturally patinas, in order to keep it in pristine condition, it is best to avoid wearing it in water, and best to limit heavy skin contact with lotions or body oils. I've added a polishing cloth so you can keep all of your silver and brass jewelry treasured for ages.