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Quill + Quartz

Eos Necklace // Mookaite Jasper

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Eos is the Greek Goddess of the dawn and a patron of new beginnings. Every stone is unique and will not be exactly as the stone pictured. Size and shape will remain the same

  • Mookaite Jasper is a beautiful, earthy stone of grounding and protection. It is a great balancer between outward experiences and inner emotions, creating a space of peace to weather any storm. It is a perfect stone to promote versatility, allowing you to see all possibilities and choose what is best for you. Mookaite is ready to help you lead confidently into change to create your best self. 
  • Rose Quartz is the stone of infinite and unconditional love. It can help you heal emotions and reconcile relationships with yourself and others. It draws in love and harmony, bringing loving vibes into your heart. 
  • Amethyst was originally worn by the Greeks to prevent drunkenness. It has a sobering effect and can aide in overcoming addictions. Amethyst is also well known for promoting love of the divine and will encourage selfelessness, spiritual wisdom, and opening multidimensional awareness. A wonderful stone that will help you balance emotional highs and lows.
  • Pyrite is perfect for those who struggle with negative energy. It is an excellent shield to bad vibrations and was traditionally used to ward off disease. It helps to transform your feelings of self-loathing and inadequacy into confidence and self-worth. If you need a little brightness to shake up your dark night, Fool's Gold is the perfect stone.
  • Snowflake Obsidian is perfect for releasing the mind from negative emotions and thought patterns. It can also help in uncovering positive secrets locked internally. It can help turn loneliness into oneness as it teaches us to be receptive to valuing our mistakes as much as our successes. If you're looking to reframe your perspective Snowflake Obsidian is the perfect stone to wear.


Materials: Crystal of your choice and Brass

Comes with a polishing cloth and a ritual card for setting an intention to your stone

Handmade in Toronto



Note: This metal naturally patinas, in order to keep it in pristine condition, it is best to avoid wearing it in water, and best to limit heavy skin contact with lotions or body oils. You can also purchase polishing cloths at your local jeweller to keep all of your silver and brass jewelry treasured for ages.