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Quill + Quartz

Etain Ring // Moonstone

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The Etain Ring was handmade with 100% recycled Sterling Silver and a beautiful Moonstone gemstone. Named after the goddess cards I receive from my Scottish nana yearly for any and all special occasions, Etain was a Celtic moon goddess and a symbol of fertility.


Etain is a fitting name for Moonstone because it is the perfect gemstone to wear during any moon magick or ritual. In antiquity, Pliny believed moonstone got brighter during full moons and changed with the moon’s phases. It is known as a spiritual crystal and can be worn to activate your expanded consciousness, preparing you for an influx of spiritual energy. Also known to bring balance to the inner feminine energy, wear it to dispel any unwanted anger in your life.

Made to Order

Material: Recycled Sterling Silver ring with a Moonstone gem

Handmade in Toronto