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Quill + Quartz

Kelpie Necklace // Ocean Kyanite

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This beautiful Ocean Kyanite was sustainably rockhounded by the Australian @crystalsofaustralia in the Blue Mountains of Australia. Ocean Kyanite is looking to fan your flames of self-determination. The Ten of Wands is the energy of discomfort in your everyday actions. It is likely you are keeping up, but your internal flame has gone out. It is time to alter your perspective and align with the everyday actions that speak to your personal truth, rather than taking on each day through the eyes of what we believe society expects from us. Find your inner passion to free yourself from the oppression of societal expectations.


Please note, all pieces in this collection are one of a kind.


Length: 18 inches 

Material: Kyanite in Brass on a Brass Chain


Handmade in Toronto


Note: Brass naturally patinas, in order to keep it in pristine condition, it is best to avoid wearing it in water, and best to limit heavy skin contact with lotions or body oils. I've added a polishing cloth so you can keep all of your silver and brass jewelry treasured for ages.