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The Star Ring // Amethyst

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The Star Ring was handmade with 100% recycled Sterling Silver and a beautiful Amethyst gemstone. Like you, each crystal is always unique, so each ring will differ slightly from the rings pictured above. This piece is named after The Star card from the tarot, as it was the card selected by my collection of faceted Amethyst, and it is a truly fitting and beautiful pair.

Amethyst is a legendary stone that was believed to be created by the Greek god Dionysus. As such it has long been associated with protecting the wearer from drunkenness, and is today still considered a powerful addiction breaker, helping to connect you to the root of your behaviours, dispelling anger, fear, and shame. It is known as a protection stone and to be effective in repelling negative energies of all kinds. You can use it to create a safe space during meditation, as it facilitates higher states of awareness and can help you to still your mind.

Material: Recycled Sterling Silver ring with an Amethyst gemstone

Handmade in Toronto


Note: Sterling Silver naturally patinas, in order to keep it in pristine condition, it is best to avoid wearing it in water, and best to limit heavy skin contact with lotions or body oils. I've added a polishing cloth so you can keep all of your silver and brass jewelry treasured for ages.