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Quill + Quartz was founded in 2018 in Toronto, Canada by me, the owner and sole creator, Sara Smith. Quill + Quartz is informed by my life journey with depression and the healing that brought me back to life, mostly through the use of the Tarot, crystal work, kundalini yoga, lunar cycles, angel work, intention setting, and the archetypes and work of Carl Jung. In my life I have found that a crystal or a symbol can often be a beautiful reminder to reconnect you to the present. A nudge from the Universe that you hold the power of change and evolution. Allow it to remind and assist you, but don’t mistake them for a cure, you must show up and do the work for yourself. I want you to ignite your inner power, to show up for our community, and why not look good and feel powerful doing it.

Quill + Quartz was created to remind us all to bring our power back to the self, a reminder that you are not at the mercy of hopelessness, you are the narrator and creator of your story. Crystals are powerful tools of the earth, created with so much pressure and energy, then transformed into visual magick. I wanted to honour these beautiful earth creations by creating timeless amulets for you to add to your daily rituals. To be inspired and connected to the Earth, and remember to live within the natural rhythms of the universe.

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