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Quill + Quartz

Awakening Amulet // Bumblee Jasper

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Embrace the radiant energy of the sun's return with our Ostara inspired Bumblebee Jasper Amulet. This piece reflects the vibrant hues of springtime, echoing the warmth and renewal of the season.

As the sun graces the earth with its rejuvenating presence during Ostara, we celebrate new beginnings and the promise of growth. Bumblebee Jasper, with its striking patterns reminiscent of the industrious bee, embodies this spirit of awakening and vitality.

Wear this necklace as a symbol of the sun's triumphant return and the cyclical nature of life. Let its energy infuse you with optimism and courage, propelling you forward on your journey of transformation and growth.


18" 14k Gold-filled chain

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Bumblebee Jasper set in Brass